The Nosht Story

What’s behind the name Nosht? It’s a name that stands for naturalness. A way of living that’s about doing good for yourself and the people you’re active with. Good for us means realness in quality and attitude. An attitude that’s passionate about being active. 

Nosht creates food that encourages people to exercise more. How? By creating products and services that help people lead an active lifestyle in an approachable way. Naturally functional nutrition that’s gut-friendly and tastes really good. We call it pure nutrition with a twist.

 The Nosht community are ambassadors of our attitude and they’re all about the fun in functional performance. We call them ‘Noshters’ for a reason. They’re fans of local ingredients, products that are good for them, with surprising flavour variations just like the variety in their active lives. They’re also the type of people who give others a little smile after an intense activity.

The Team

The people behind Nosht as a company are passionate about helping people live an active lifestyle in an approachable way. They come from diverse backgrounds, creating an ability for Nosht to create food products that are always surprising, and very relevant for our lives today. Here’s a few highlights from the Nosht team:

Struggling with gut problems during long days cycling in the Alps, Nosht founder and cyclist Petteri Kankkunen was determined to identify which foods he could eat that wouldn’t bother his stomach. Petteri’s not the only one with this problem. According to some studies, up to 50% of distance runners have suffered from gastrointestinal issues while training or racing.

Another central figure at Nosht is top triathlete Kaisa Sali, who retired from her professional sports career after placing sixth in the 2019 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Thanks to her experience as both a world-class athlete and sports nutritionist, Kaisa knows that an upset stomach can be a significant disadvantage in a competition. Many athletes have found relief in low-FODMAP diets, which minimize certain short-chained carbohydrates that create digestive problems.
“So many of us know how stomach issues can ruin a race or take joy out of training. Just like having strong quadricep muscles, you benefit when your gut is in top shape. At its best, a well-functioning stomach is like an extra muscle, enhancing energy, nutrients and fluid absorption.” – Kaisa Sali, triathlete & sports nutritionist

Great tastes that stimulate your senses

Seasoned chef Heikki Liekola adds a new dimension to functional sports nutrition, creating ready-to-eat food that is as delicious as it is functional. Heikki has worked in several Michelin star restaurants across the Nordics.
“For Nosht, functionality doesn’t mean dull, artificial flavours that are typical of sports nutrition. Sports food can be delicious, stimulate the senses and boost the feeling of wellness. It’s fascinating to bring my fine dining knowledge to Nosht’s products.” – Heikki Liekola, chef 

Our Philosophy 

  • Develop foods with purpose: Gut-friendly foods and drinks that support a well-balanced diet.
  • Encourage good health and nutrition: Educate people about the importance of good gut health and nutrition for both short-term results and long-term health.
  • Promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles by using real, all-natural ingredients.
  • Promote food safety and sustainable sourcing: Know where our ingredients come from and ensure their source is sustainable.
  • Minimize waste: Create innovative ways to reduce packaging and food waste.