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Trust your gut.

Convenient, satisfying, appetising energy that keeps you going throughout the day, throughout your life. That’s what Nosht is all about. Good for your gut. Good for you.

Real foods, real flavours, no sh*t.


The Nosht philosophy

We respect the following principles when developing our products:

  • Develop foods with purpose: Create gut-friendly foods and drinks that support a well-balanced diet.
  • Encourage good health and nutrition: Educate people about the importance of good gut health and nutrition for both short-term results and long-term health.
  • Promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles by using healthy, all-natural ingredients.
  • Promote food safety and sustainable sourcing: Know where our ingredients come from and ensure their source is sustainable.
  • Minimize waste: Create innovative ways to reduce packaging and food waste.

The Nosht Story

At Nosht, we don’t just have a passion for performance. We have a passion for nature, for flavour, for enjoying life, and for long-term health. You know that how you fuel your body has a direct effect on your ability to enjoy a training run, a race or even life in general. We’ve found that it’s possible to combine nutritious, delicious and sustainable ingredients to help you get the most out of your efforts.


Gut Feeling

Being able to enjoy the ride comes from not having to worry if what you’re putting into your body is going to ruin your race. This is what sparked the idea for Nosht.

Struggling with gut problems during long days cycling in the Alps, Nosht founder and cyclist Petteri Kankkunen was determined to identify which foods he could eat that wouldn’t bother his stomach. Petteri’s not the only one with this problem. According to some studies, up to 50% of distance runners have suffered from gastrointestinal issues while training or racing.

One of the central figures at Nosht is top triathlete Kaisa Sali, who retired from her professional sports career after placing sixth in the 2019 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Thanks to her experience as both a world-class athlete and sports nutritionist, Kaisa knows that an upset stomach can be a significant disadvantage in a competition. Many athletes have found relief in low-FODMAP diets, which minimise certain short-chained carbohydrates that create digestive problems.

“So many of us know how stomach issues can ruin a race or take joy out of training. Just like having strong quadricep muscles, you benefit when your gut is in top shape. At its best, a well-functioning stomach is like an extra muscle, enhancing energy, nutrients and fluid absorption,” she explains.

Great tastes that stimulate your senses

Seasoned chef Heikki Liekola adds a new dimension to functional sports nutrition, creating ready-to-eat food that is as delicious as it is functional. Heikki has worked in several Michelin star restaurants across the Nordics. “For Nosht, functionality doesn’t mean dull, artificial flavours that are typical of sports nutrition. Sports food can be delicious, stimulate the senses and boost the feeling of wellness. It’s fascinating to bring my fine dining knowledge to Nosht’s products,” Heikki says.

That’s why we’ve incorporated ingredients that work with your brain to keep you going. For example, hot spices – like the chilli found in our Thai Sweet Chilli Salted Protein Bites – boost neuro-muscular performance. Cooling flavours leave you feeling refreshed so you can go for longer. That’s the idea behind our refreshing Bilberry & Eucalyptus Energy Gel. Sour tastes alleviate cramping. That’s why you’ll find a big sour kick in our Mango Chutney Energy Chews. You’ll find sweet, sour and spicy all in one bag when snacking on our unique Vegetable Candies. And, while our foods keep your hunger pangs at bay in a
healthy way, our low-FODMAP drink mix is designed to keep you optimally hydrated.

Keep pushing

Nosht develops its foods to fuel you throughout the day, whether you’re an amateur athlete, ultra-endurance competitor, business professional jumping from meeting to meeting, or student sweating it out over an exam. Enjoying what you’re eating while you push yourself can have a positive effect on your ability to stay motivated.

Join us as we continue to explore innovative and flavourful ways to keep you feeling great both on and off the race course. No sh*t.


The Nosht team 


The Nosht team – made up of athletes, food designers, a Michelin star restaurant chef, nutritionists and sustainability experts – test what potential a range of plant-based ingredients might hold for endurance athletes. 

Petteri Kankkunen

Seasoned entrepreneur and aspiring road cyclist with ultra sensitive stomach.

Heikki Liekola

A seasoned Michelin star restaurant chef and an avid runner bringing haute cuisine knowledge to sports nutrition.

Su Park

Art director and food designer with cross-cultural taste buds.


Päivi Luoma 

Cleantech and circular economy expert with a passion for the outdoors.

Kaisa Sali
A word top triathlete and nutritionist with a mission to make sports nutrition better.
Anna Häkämies
Food industry professional with Pulled Oats under her belt and an appetite for new discoveries.





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