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Fast, gutsy, sustainable, delicious.

These four words describe Nosht products: fully functional, ready-to-eat foods designed for deeply satisfying lifestyles truly going the distance.

Nosht not only answers unfulfilled cravings for the convenient, effective, and sustainable fuel high endurance athletes love to nosh while doing what they love: hiking, climbing, running, and more. It also provides a fuel never wasted or unappreciated due to gut problems or cramps.

Says Kankkunen in his experience, “You can win races with your gut. The gut is an extremely adaptable organ and can be ‘trained’ in a similar way to the way we train muscles.”Digestive issues are experienced by 70% of certain endurance athletes. That’s why one of them, Finnish cyclist and entrepreneur Petteri Kankkunen, envisioned Nosht: a product meeting their needs for better, tastier sports nutrition that doesn’t leave gut health in the dust.

Inspired to break this barrier and give underserved athletes the ‘gut health training’ they need,  Kankkunen and a team of athletes, food designers, chefs, nutritionists, and more set about developing and testing a range of plant-based ingredients. They worked to create foods and snacks meeting this overlooked demand: from probiotic and gluten-free products to vegan, all-natural vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs, spices, and more.

Their discovery: low-FODMAP, all-natural foods with whole, plant-based ingredients made the most effective and fast-acting functional nutrition of all—and also proved best at supporting overall health in the long run

The team then put this discovery to the test with an exclusive group of triathlonists, runners, cyclists, and other high-level athletes. With an added focus building the digestive microbiome, these athletes experienced no more digestive cramps, thus no more limitations—only convenient, satisfying, and absolutely appetizing energy all day. Plus: long-term, sustainable health benefits they could have confidence in, in addition to the short-term energy benefits

The team, led by its many talents (including chef at many Michelin star restaurants, Heikki Liekola), also tapped into flavour profiles, tastes, and sensations of ingredients to naturally peak athletic endurance on top of deliciousness. They explored hot, spicy foods to boost neuro-muscular performance, cooling flavours to refresh, or sour ingredients to alleviate cramping as themes in each recipe.

These  products, in final form, were called“Nosht.” Foods like chilli, lime, sea buckthorn, gooseberry have been conceptualized for tasty drinks, chews, gels, and snacks that rapidly re-energize in a gut-healthy way—without compromising endurance or causing cramps. 

The Nosht team has also joined forces with top companies and nutrition experts to create even more concepts, possibilities, and ingredient combinations the most ambitious athletes will soon crave. 

With an eye toward environmental responsibility, too, Nosht aims for ingredients to be created, sourced, and packaged as sustainably and ethically as possible.


Nosht strikes the perfect balance between instant re-energizing and gut-focused enrichment, leading to absolutely no limitations.

In the form of environmentally aware yet convenient trail mixes, beverages, and much more to come, Nosht will soon help athletes experience optimal energy and power—and this time with no compromises.


Petteri Kankkunen

Seasoned entrepreneur and aspiring road cyclist with ultra sensitive stomach.

Heikki Liekola

A seasoned Michelin star restaurant chef and an avid runner bringing haute cuisine knowledge to sports nutrition.

Su Park

Art director and food designer with cross-cultural taste buds.


Päivi Luoma 

Cleantech and circular economy expert with a passion for the outdoors.

Kaisa Sali
A word top triathlete and nutritionist with a mission to make sports nutrition better.
Anna Häkämies
Food industry professional with Pulled Oats under her belt and an appetite for new discoveries.





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