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Snakpak is a food pocket. You can fill it with the food that you love and eat while on the
move. Snakpak is BPA free and dishwasher safe so you can reuse it again and again.

Snakpak is ideal for carrying energy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, energy chews or any home-made snack. It fits perfectly in you running vest, camp kit or cycling jersey pocket.

Snakpak can also be used as a drinking cup and fullfills the mandatory drinking cup requirement in competitions. 

  • It's lightweight, easy to hold, reusable and collapsible so you can tuck it almost anywhere
  • Made of ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
  • 100% BPA & PVC free, wide working temperature range (can be frozen - max temp 60° C / 140° F)

This edition of Snakpak was made in collaboration with NUTS Northern Ultra Trail Service -events.

CAPACITY: 200 ml / 6.7 fl oz
DIMENSIONS: 160 x 100 mm / 4 x 2.5 in
WEIGHT: 18 g / 0.6 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I like it!

Great little pouch to store Nosht’s own energy candies or other kind of snacks. I use it on my training rides and bikepacking trips. I prefer to cut candies and energy bars in half and eat a bit every 20-30 minutes rather than swallow a big amount of carbs every 45-60min. So the Snakpack makes perfectly sense to me. I wish Nosht would sell their energy candies in bulk and/or in an environment-friendly packaging rather than single-use plastic, so that the Snakpak would be a smart solution for the user and for our planet.

p.s. don't put freshly picked blueberries in the Snakpak if you keep it in a bike bag, unless you don't want them to become a jam in a matter of minutes, I've made the mistake 😅

Sami Randelin


Maria Honkonen

Very handy and needs little space.. While using this I was thinking you could invent same kind of container for maybe 1-2 portions of urheilujuoma wich woul take little space in a back pack. I’m doing long bike rides on hot weather in Italy and it would be handy to have container for urheilujuoma to refill the water bottle (on these rides I drink 1,5-2l water so one bottle is not nearly enough).. Just an idea!

Marjo Luusuaniemi

Ei tarvi kaivella kaikenmaailman muovipusseja mihi vauhtikarkit pakkaa ku lähtee lenkille :)

karina schellson
great way to reduce one-use-only packaging

this is great tool to reduce one-use-only packaging. seems to be great quality and is dishwasher safe. thanks Nosht!

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