Nosht survey: Over a quarter of endurance athletes suffer often from stomach issues

Over 80 per cent of endurance athletes find nutrition and hydration during training and racing challenging.

”I want to break the stereotypes about different kinds of bodies and their abilities”

Para skier Sini Pyy works hard, both to make the world a better place and get to the podium at the Winter Paralympic...

Everything you need to know about recovery drinks

What is a recovery drink and what is in it? What kind of a recovery drink should I have after a high-intensity workout?

Why do endurance athletes get gut issues and what to do about them

Around 50% of athletes suffer from gut issues like nausea, bloating or abdominal pain. This is what causes the probl...

“After the breakdown, it took a whole year just to pull myself together”

Eating enough is vital for an athlete. Asta Vilenius learned this the hard way. Now she’s stronger than ever and aim...

Do you get enough energy? Relative energy deficiency in sports (RED-S) can harm your health and training

When you don’t get enough energy, training is hard and you won’t make progress.

“You don’t always have to train with gritted teeth”

Juuso Simpanen found his passion while backpacking across Asia and is now aiming for the world top in trail running.

Periodisation: Why you should vary your training routine throughout the year

Periodisation is the key to improving your running, cycling or other endurance activities.

“What matters is leading an adventurous life”

Julia Silvennoinen is crafting a lifestyle where running, travelling and working as a doctor fit seamlessly together.

“On the course, I try to enjoy the difficulties and not think about the finish line”

This is how ultrarunner Juha Jumisko juggles family, work and running.

How to train your gut for racing

How to eat and drink during your race and how to train your gut to perform at its best?

Triathlon training: a beginner’s guide

Tips on getting started with triathlon training by Kaisa Sali.
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