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FAQ: Coronavirus and training

FAQ: Coronavirus and training

How to train indoors? How to maintain motivation when all races are cancelled? How to take all of this into account in your diet? You asked about training in the times of Covid-19, we answered.


How to train indoors if you're not allowed to go outside?

Endurance training is easy indoors if you have a treadmill, your bike on a trainer or a rower. Try to follow your training plan when possible. You can also get extra motivation from programs like Zwift, where you can bike or run in a virtual group. 

If there’s no equipment available, endurance training requires some creativity. Put all corridors and stairs to good use, or do bodyweight movements that make your heart rate rise, such as burpees. Being indoors may also be a good time to focus on maintaining strength and improving mobility.


How to stay motivated with all the races and training groups cancelled?

Focus on the positive: being with your family, training consistently, the adventures you’ll take in summer after this blows out. It helps to have some humour: if you feel like you haven’t trained enough for the springtime races, now you have more time. 

Community is a big part of training. That’s why we’re organising a race on Saturday, March 28th. You can take part in #eatnosht 10K wherever you are! 


How do I adjust my nutrition now that I have to train differently?

If you do a lot of endurance training, remember to take care of your liquid and carbohydrate intake. During a long run or a sweaty indoor cycling session, it’s smart to ingest some extra energy and choose a hypotonic sports drink

Pay attention to the overall training load and adjust your energy intake accordingly. If you do less strength training than usual, you can eat a little less protein.


Does training affect my immune system?

Studies have shown that your immunity lowers for a while after a rigorous workout, and the risk of getting an upper respiratory infection is higher. Take this into account when you plan your post-workout activities.

Support your immune system by eating well. Eat according to your energy consumption, as both too much and too little energy can weaken your immune system. Eat a lot of vegetables, berries and fruits and make sure you get enough vitamin D. Also probiotics, which can be found in sour milk products, fermented produce and kombucha, can aid in supporting your immune system.


I’m working remote. How to take that into account in my nutrition?

If you usually bike or run to work, take the reduced amount of exercise into account in your diet. Remember to hold on to your routines at home, eat at regular intervals and remember to eat some healthy snacks between meals.


Our webshop is running as usual and products can be ordered online normally. Stay safe, enjoy your training and look forward to things getting back to normal!

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